Sweepstakes by Poppy Sweeps

We’re a home-grown sweepstakes site, built simply on fun!  At Poppy Sweeps, you get the chance to win something great for yourself or someone you care about.  Good luck and thanks for visiting!

We’re here to provide a happy distraction from the routines of everyday life, with chances to win fun gifts for yourself and your loved ones!

We’ve been entering sweepstakes for quite some time

We’ve been entering contests and sweepstakes since 1988. Back then, it was all postal mail – writing envelopes and licking stamps. There were a few newsletters for nuts like us, that listed all the contests in the country, and details on how to enter them. We’re not really sure whether odds were better, but I think they were, because it was tougher to enter them. Our first win was a Huffy Bicycle for our yet-to-be-born daughter. We we kept that sucker in the garage until she was old enough to ride!

Back then, you had to make choices about which contests to enter, because of the costs. Today, contests are relatively easy to enter, and free, except for the time invested. However, nowadays it seems time may be more valuable than stamps (we’re not even sure if we have any laying around anymore).

We’ve got a simple prioritization that we use when deciding which contests to enter. We can’t enter every day, so we try to find single-entry sweepstakes. This gives us the same chance as the people that can enter every day. We list the highest value single entry sweepstakes in Poppy’s Picks

Because many of the contests are run by big companies, and lots of people enter them, we decided to hold our own. They aren’t for a lot of money, but we have a pretty small group of fans, so your odds are good.

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