Free Sweepstakes List by Poppy

Poppy loves sweepstakes and contests!

You must love them, too, if you’re here. I’m happy to share the best free sweepstakes that I’ve found with you, in hopes that one or both of us can win some good stuff.

Poppy’s been doing this since before there were online sweepstakes, back when you had to hand-write the envelopes and invest in stamps. My first win was a bicycle for my not-yet-born little girl. That sucker stayed in the garage until she was old enough to ride, but I was certainly going to use my winnings.

What makes Poppy’s free sweepstakes list different

There are a ton of slick contest sites out there, but they list every possible free sweepstakes, including ones that don’t sound so fun (“win a bedazzled nose hair trimmer!”)

Poppy doesn’t have time for that stuff, and tries to enter for big(ish) prizes, and mostly one-time entries. Some folks like to enter every day, and have lots of time to do it. Poppy doesn’t have time for that – she’s got cooking, drinking, and cleaning up after Luca (the mutt) to do.

The way Poppy figures, the one time contests have the best odds, because everyone gets one shot (unless you’re a cheater, but let’s not talk about ex’s). It doesn’t matter if you have 15 minutes a day to enter the contests, or 15 hours, everyone has the same chance.

Where did Poppy’s Contest Go?

Poppy had to stop the giveaways for a little while. This site is for fun, and was costing a lot more than fun should, unless his name is Francesco and he has muscles for a mile. The Amazon affiliate money barely paid for the prizes, and didn’t touch the email, web, and other online-y services.

Poppy will be sending out the remaining prizes over the next month or so.

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